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Sandstone, Silks, and Lots of Rain Day 5 – Moab, UT

Day five was 8 hours of rain non-stop. So it was boring and we hung out in the nest getting some editing and writing done. So i’ll skip all that and dive right into the awesomeness that was day 5 in Moab!

I’ve always loved the drive up Onion Creek. Constantly in and out of the stream, hoodoos everywhere, soaring towers that defy gravity and slot canyons all over the place. I wanted to rig the silks there pretty bad so we went scouting.


Got some rigging in down at the bottom of the canyon.


Rigging up! Images from the shoot coming once I get the chance to edit.


Life for adventure dogs sure is rough.


One of my favorites from the shoot before the light ran out.


Our rigging lit in the center of the frame. Everything else lit by the super moon ; )


Much thanks to the Juniper trees that so many canyoneers like us trust with our lives.


Night night.

Unexpected Find at White River Falls – OR

We went out to white river falls in hopes of finding a cool pace to rig silks only to find no trepassing signs, warnings of crazy currents and spans that were longer than we could rope. We didn’t expect to find a hydro plant built at the turn of the 19th century!


Remnants of the original turbines.


Copper hounds have salvaged the majority of the copper from the electric generators.