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Devon Barker

Scouting in the Zirkel Wilderness: Part 2

After our last scouting trip up to the Zirkels ended with finding the perfect location we decided to go back with some surveying gear to confirm that all of the angles and headings were correct. As always we brought some friends to be sherpas and did a little bit of shooting for Mika Yoga Wear along the way.


Morning grinds to power some climbing.



Chalk up and go.


That bokeh on the Canon 35mm SSC is just ridiculous.


When your adventure partner is really unhappy that your out in the middle of the lake.


These feet have seen a few miles this year.


Always bring the dogs along.




Rangefinding……1800m. And some serious farmers tan!


Doing and math and stuff.




Top of Little Agnes just in time for Sunset


Devon Barker Stills & Motion - Aerialist In The Wild  Farwell Mountain - Clark, Colorado

Mt Farwell Silks and Some Snow

I’m guilty of looking at the weather, the clouds, the light and calling it quits if things don’t look like they are working out. But sometimes we push through, rig up anyways and it just kind of all comes together somehow. We waited until an hour before sunset and watched the rain and snow rolling up the valley towards us. The wind was whipping across the slope but since we could see the back of the storm we decided to go for it anyhow. Moral of the story…get out and shoot regardless of what you think may or may not materialize!


Clouds broke up and we got a 270 degree rainbow.


Hurry up and RIG!


Little rain on the lens.


_Devon Barker Stills & Motion - Natalie Keller Lyra - Colorado Springs, Colorado

Ute Park Lyra – Colorado Springs, CO

I’m not sure why but I always end up shooting in the dark. In the dark 2 miles underground in a mine, in the dark underwater, or in the dark up on a glacier in the middle of nowhere, the sun has a way of setting long before I want it to. We set out to shoot and rig at Rainbow Falls Bridge up near Manitou but construction shut that down pretty quickly. So we grabbed the lyra and improvised a quick rock rig up in Ute Park. Nothing like a last minute location change to challenge the photog ; )

Models: Natalie Keller, Kaydee Barker










Devon Barker Stills & Motion - Aerialist In The Wild Kaydee Barker - Clark, Colorado

Silks At King Solomon Falls, Clark CO

We’ve wanted to rig here for a few months now. Ever since we went up and did some free diving and scouting the rock faces that surround the falls, we knew that it was going to be doable but complicated. I rigged up a horizontal sliding pulley to keep the aerialists (Kaydee Barker and Natalie Keller) high and dry and used every bit of our 200ft long static ropes to span the falls and the pool with a highline.


Rigging (affiliate links – thanks for supporting us!):


Just about all set. Just need to flip the main pulley and pull the knot on the horizontal pulley.


_dsc0313 _dsc0625 _dsc0800 _dsc9874

Getting cinematic as the sun goes down. Time to gel the lights! It always amazes me what a little extra light from some small strobes can do for the mood of the image.


Bare strobe to the right with a 1/2 CTB gel. 48″ Octobox to the left with a 1/4CTO gel.




2016 All Arts Festival, Steamboat Springs

It was a weekend of climbing trees, some rope burn, and a little teaching some fellow photogs the frustration of photographing aerialists. When I was asked to teach a sunrise workshop in the Steamboat Botanical Gardens there was no way I could pass it up! We got a half dozen photographers and four incredible talented aerialists to model including Rebekah Leach, Kaydee Barker, Jocelynn Rudig and local Heidi Miller.

_dsc9180 _dsc9212_dsc9147 _dsc9112 _dsc9068 _dsc9014_dsc8884 _dsc8813-2 _dsc8792-2 _dsc8710-2