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Devon Barker

Lazy Sundays and Falling In Love

…..with the 35mm f/2 Canon SSC “Radioactive” thorium coated lens. It is entirely possible to fall in love with a chunk of glass and metal. Running this lens on my Sony’s with a Metabones FD/E speedbooster has made this my total go to lens for just about everything. Environmental portraits, perfect! Interiors and detail architecture, perfect! Semi-wide skies where you need some speed, perfect!


Decent resolving power on the text for a 35+ year old lens ; )


Shot at f/2. Super creamy bokeh that to me is still under control.



Some pretty interesting warm light from the right thanks to some of the fall aspens reflecting the sunlight back through the window. Left side is just straight daylight. Defintely a high contrast lens with a bit of warmth thanks to the yellowing of the glassĀ  by the thorium coatings.

Devon Barker

Scouting in the Zirkel Wilderness: Part 2

After our last scouting trip up to the Zirkels ended with finding the perfect location we decided to go back with some surveying gear to confirm that all of the angles and headings were correct. As always we brought some friends to be sherpas and did a little bit of shooting for Mika Yoga Wear along the way.


Morning grinds to power some climbing.



Chalk up and go.


That bokeh on the Canon 35mm SSC is just ridiculous.


When your adventure partner is really unhappy that your out in the middle of the lake.


These feet have seen a few miles this year.


Always bring the dogs along.




Rangefinding……1800m. And some serious farmers tan!


Doing and math and stuff.




Top of Little Agnes just in time for Sunset


Devon Barker

Dancing In A Fantasy

Every year for our anniversary we try to go somewhere “new”. That can be close to home or it can be far but it has to be somewhere neither of us have experienced. Kaydee wasn’t very happy when I told her we were going to Vernal, Utah this year! But a little bit of alpine caving, some desert sun and a landscape straight from the set of Mars quickly changed her mind.




Sometimes you just gotta dance…..45sec exposure with a color changing Luci light.