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Devon Barker

Lazy Sundays and Falling In Love

…..with the 35mm f/2 Canon SSC “Radioactive” thorium coated lens. It is entirely possible to fall in love with a chunk of glass and metal. Running this lens on my Sony’s with a Metabones FD/E speedbooster has made this my total go to lens for just about everything. Environmental portraits, perfect! Interiors and detail architecture, perfect! Semi-wide skies where you need some speed, perfect!


Decent resolving power on the text for a 35+ year old lens ; )


Shot at f/2. Super creamy bokeh that to me is still under control.



Some pretty interesting warm light from the right thanks to some of the fall aspens reflecting the sunlight back through the window. Left side is just straight daylight. Defintely a high contrast lens with a bit of warmth thanks to the yellowing of the glass  by the thorium coatings.

Devon Barker Stills & Motion - Aerialist In The Wild Kaydee Barker - Escalante, Utah

Neon Canyon Aerials with LuluLemon

I’ve always wanted to photograph the Golden Cathedral which is the big finish to Neon Canyon. We finally got the opportunity to hit the canyon when we were down in Escalante doing a little exploring and shooting with Kaydee’s new schwag from LuluLemon. Neon Canyon itself makes for a fun but long day of technical canyoneering with some swimming, squeezes and raps to keep you on your toes! We hit the trail late and knew we would end up spending the night somewhere in the desert so we packed up our stove, some food, aerial gear, technical canyoneering gear and somehow stuffed the photo gear into my new test Gregory Baltoro as well. This was the first time I really got to put my new Sony gear through some real world abuse!

Photo Kit (Affiliate links:) :


  • Imlay Canyon Gear 70m 9.2mm Canyonero
  • Imlay Canyon Gear 70m 8.3 Canyon Fire
  • x2 Petzl Grigri
  • x2 Petzl Reverso Guide
  • x2 Petzl harnesses
  • x2 30ft 2inch webbing superthreads
  • 30ft 2inch webbing
  • Assorted stoppers
  • x2 Large oval carabiners
  • x4 8ft prussiks
  • x2 pairs neoprene booties (had to do some swimming in the canyon)
  • x4 CAMP 10mm Stainless oval quicklinks
  • x2 CAMP 10mm stainless triangle quicklnks
  • CAMP rescue double pulley
  • Dry bag for photo gear
  • Overnight gear just in case (RAB 20degree sleeping bags, Big Agnes pads, jetboil stove and some snacks)
  • The usually backcountry first aid kit (sam splint, celox, Israeli bandage)

Right off the bat I can’t believe the weight and size difference with the A6300. I’m so used to lugging around a DSLR that it feels almost comical to be setting out for a shoot with a camera half the size and a third of the weight. On this trip though every ounce off the normal kit was so appreciated.


We started off the day already pretty far in the backcountry so by the time we got to the trailhead the late afternoon start made for a warm hike.



We hit the Escalante River and were happy to kick the boots off for a couple of water crossings. Feels good on the sore and sandy feet! (Canon FD 50mm 1.4 SSC adapted with Photodiox)



With daylight fading fast we found a boulder on the rim of the canyon to give a  little shelter from the wind and prepped the canyon gear for the morning. #notentneeded



Clear and quiet skies.




What this photo doesn’t show is going for a little swim in the potholes that lead up to the cathedral. Nothing like 40-50deg water at 6 in the morning ; )
Rapping into the cathedral!



The morning light reflecting into the cathedral was beautiful and gave me a great base exposure of  1/200 @ F/4.5 ISO800 with Daylight WB, but I wanted to really highlight the aerialist and to get a little shadow onto the back wall. I set both strobes on full power and put a honeycomb on the strobe on the light stand pointed at the dancer (/wife). I then popped the other strobe up into the ceiling on the left to help soften some of the shadows and to give me a little glow.


  • Before-With and Without Strobes
    After-With and Without Strobes
    BeforeWith and Without StrobesAfter

The final shot with and without strobes.



After playing with a few poses I settled on something that emphasized the white contrast in the image. Daylight WB….they don’t call it the Golden Cathedral for nothing ; )

Devon Barker Stills & Motion - Hiking Quandary - Breckenridge, Colorado

Using Gels on Mt Quandary with Attack PAK and Gregory Mtn Products

A few weeks ago Joe Cernik and I headed up Quandary as part of his #Milesforpeyton project. If you haven’t already, go check it out here:

This was Joe’s first winter 14er and we were both stoked to get up there for some evening photos for Joe’s sponsor Attack PAK, and to try out the new Baltoro that Gregory sent me for testing.

You can checkout a few final images in the blog post here but this is behind the camera so let’s talk photo stuff (affiliate links below)!


Pretty minimal kit since we had to get up to 14,000 but I always try to bring at least a couple lights with triggers and on this day I was glad I did. The light was off on the entire way up and I had to start getting creative at the top.


Waiting out the sleet that started about 2/3 of the way up. One comment on the Baltoro is that I love the back access panel for dropping photo gear into.


The light was all over the place and the highlights were as well. We hiked off the back side of the mountain down the ridge and found a spot to start shooting that had an overlook. With the clouds being uncooperative it was time to improvise so I busted out the gel set to try one of my favorite tricks.


When I was in college I was always paying attention to what the famous Joe McNally was up to and was heavily influenced by a couple of his books. Specifically “The Hot Shoe Diaries” was my go to resource for lighting ideas with speedlights.

That book was where I learned the trick of lighting your subject with a gelled light and balancing the camera to that light/lights.


The result with a CTO filter is that your subject is properly white balanced (or close) while your background drops down to a cool blue color.



  • Before-Before and After Edit
    After-Before and After Edit
    BeforeBefore and After EditAfter