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Adventures in Analog

I started shooting film in college as part of an elective class and immedately hated it. Coming from the world of digital instant gratification, film was slow, tedious and prone to failure. There’s nothing like the disappointment of ruining a roll of film that you’ve been nurturing and collecting you’re most important memories on. Years later i’m experimenting with film again in the hopes of finding creativity in the slow tediousness and the freedom to get it all wrong. All this is broken down by camera, since each has a story and i’m an engineering nerd at heart.

The Rules:

  1. I’m not a purist. All of the images are scanned however I only modify the exposure since I often don’t have a light meter so I usually blow it.
  2. I’m not made of money. Therefore I don’t always have a period correct lens to match the camera.
  3.  I like DIY projects. All of the cameras have been refurbed and CLA’d by me.
  4. …I still like DIY projects. All of these images are developed by me.

Canon EF “The Black Beauty”

Yes I know it’s dirty. Because I use it, a lot! This tank of a camera from the mid-70’s is quickly becoming my favorite. Partially because it’s black and i’m a sucker for black cameras, but also because the controls all just make sense.

Rollei 35 LED

Rollei 35 LED

No it’s not the original Rollei 35, yes it’s made in Singapore…but it was $5 at a thrift shop and I had never even heard of the Rollei 35. Not to mention you need both hands and your tongue to really operate this thing!